Family Friendly Musicals

I’ve always believed in creating high quality theatre that can be accessed by both adults and children. Combining my interest in history with composing, I’ve created several shows that have had successful tours with TheatreworksUSA and ArtsPower. If you are interested in producing these shows at your school or theater, please use the form at the bottom of this page to contact me about the show, obtain more information and optionally request a demo for a small fee.

Susan B Anthony.jpeg

Susan B!

by Jules Tasca, Thomas Tierney and Ted Drachman

Actors: 3w;3m up to 5w and 16m plus extras both w&m.

1 Hour

Susan B. Anthony was the driving force behind getting women the right to vote. With the centennial approaching, her story and the story of the suffragettes is more relevant and necessary to be taught to children than ever. We follow young Susan as she first become aware of her principal problem — the fact that she’s a woman instead of a man — when she is forced to give up her college education so that her brother can go in her place. She becomes a teacher only to discover that male teachers doing the same work receive higher pay. When she asks why this is, her question is greeted with amused astonishment. She decides to take action. “I stand in the doorway,” she sings, “Tomorrow is one step away”. The developments are wryly observed by the famous editor Horace Greeley who develops a bitter-sweet relationship with Susan. However, even he is shocked when Susan finds her cause — obtaining women’s right to vote. With a rousing finale anthem, "Half the Human Race”, we are brought to see that Susan’s struggle is both personal and universal, an insistence on the humanity and rights of women everywhere.

Olympic Spirit

by Greg Gunning and Kathleen Huber, and Thomas Tierney

Actors: 1w;3m

1 hour

Join Jesse Owens as this musical celebrates his triumph over the racism and injustices of 1936 Germany. Filled with the excitement and suspense of world class athletic competition, Olympic Spirit is a salute to the games that bring young atheletes together in the spirit of brotherhood. We are taught how to persevere and succeed in the face of negative stereotypes and judgement.

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Teddy Roosevelt.jpg

Teddy Roosevelt

by Jonathan Bolt, Thomas Tierney and John Forster

Actors: 1w;5m

1 Hour

This one-hour musical follows young “Teedie” from boyhood through his early political career and the tragedy that redefined his life. Saddled with severe asthma, Teddy was encouraged and inspired by his father Theodore to exercise and build his strength. With renewed vigor, he heads to college at Harvard where he impresses his classmates and even becomes a successful young author. When challenging a classmate to a boxing match, though he loses, he still manages to impress the beautiful southern debutante Alice Lee. They marry, and soon Teddy becomes intrigued with righting the wrongs of the corrupt New York Tammany politicians. He decides to run for office and is elected to the New York House of Representatives in Albany. When tragedy strikes, he remembers his father’s credo to be strong and to reach for the “endless horizon”.     

The Amazing Einstein

by Jules Tasca, Thomas Tierney and Ted Drachman

Actors: 2w;3m with up to 26 actors 8f; 18m plus extras.

1 Hour

This award winning musical traces the life of Albert Einstein from his early days in German schools to his escape from the Nazis. It depicts the development of Einstein as a scientist and clearly explains — in a most unusual song and dance number — the supposedly impossible-to-comprehend theory of relativity. The primary conflict is the struggle in Einstein’s mind between his anti-war beliefs and those around him who would use scientific discoveries to develop ever more powerful weapons of destruction. In the end, we see the conflict played out and we realize that Einstein’s plight is that of all good men when confronted with Evil.

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Lincoln and Todd.jpg

Lincoln and Son

by John Henry Davis, Thomas Tierney and Jeffrey Haddow

Actors: 1 to 2w; 3 to 4m and up to 17 actors without doubling

1 Hour

LINCOLN AND SON tells the story of how Tad, Lincoln’s son, inspires Lincoln to conceive of the Emancipation Proclamation. Using storytelling, drama, and songs, the show paints a vivid picture of important events in Lincoln’s life as well as an intimate portrait of this unusual family.

The Tuesday Afternoon Regulars

by Joseph Robinette and Thomas Tierney

Actors: 3 to 5m., 2 to 4w.

1 Hour

Five middle-school students affectionately, and somewhat wryly, call themselves "The Tuesday Afternoon Regulars" since they often find themselves in detention, perhaps on purpose, at that time each week. Though individually quite different, they all have a common goal—to drop out of school. On this particular Tuesday, the assistant principal, who is the detention supervisor, has long since despaired of his ability to reach the students, so he sets a plan into motion that is at once inspired, surprising and perhaps life-altering for the students. With generous amounts of humor mixed with drama and poignancy, The Tuesday Afternoon Regulars is a sometimes tough, often tender and definitely tuneful trip into the lives of six adolescents-and their dreams, hopes and fears—who are nearing important crossroads in their early lives.

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fabulousfable Ariel Theater.jpg

The Fabulous Fable Factory

by Joseph Robinette and Thomas Tierney

Actors: 5m., 4w. (gender flexible.)

1 Hour

Monroe wanders into a seemingly abandoned factory and accidentally trips a lever which activates the factory "machinery," an assembly line of seven actors who create fabulous fables. Then he meets the factory owner, a Mr. Aloysius A. Aesop, who explains that the factory has been idle for over 2,000 years because of a missing part. Mr. Aesop introduces Monroe to the machinery. Among them are Straucy, the Story Starter; Pluto, the Plot Plotter; Wadsworth, the Word Worker; and Gretel, the Grammar Guardian. The factory proceeds to create and enact stories which become official fables when Monroe himself surprises everyone by supplying the morals. Mr. Aesop and the others are ecstatic over their new-found "Moral Maker." The troupe then performs some of the best of Aesop's fables.

The Fantastic Return of the Fabulous Fable Factory

by Joseph Robinette and Thomas Tierney

Actors: 5m., 4w. (doubles to 7 actors. gender flexible, may be played by all m. or w. or any combination.)

1 Hour

Mr. Aesop and his colorful collection of factory parts—including Straucey, the Story Starter; Pluto, the Plot Plotter; Wadsworth, the Word Worker; Gretel, the Grammar Guardian; and others—are back again, with more fables and songs to delight and enchant. This sequel to the original Fabulous Fable Factory finds the group still searching for a permanent moral maker. The 2,000-year-old factory, which moves about in time and space, attempts to return to the spot where it landed 30 years ago and reconnect the ensemble with their first temporary moral maker. Many surprises await them, however, when they encounter a much different world than before, introduced to them by a 12-year-old who accidentally discovers the factory. With five new exciting fables and an equal number of lively songs, this delightful new musical will be enjoyed by all ages, whether or not they are familiar with the original Fable Factory which has had more than 3,000 performances.

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