Zack Hill

and The rocket blaster man adventure

Based on the nationally syndicated comic strip by John Deering and John Newcombe of the same name, Zack Hill is about Zack, a 9 year old boy with a big shock of red hair who years for a normal home. Zack’s single mom Jan runs a boarding house full of an assortment of eccentric characters that interfere with Zack’s dream of normality. When Jan is confronted with a financial disaster that may force them to give up the house, Zack is determined to turn things around. Even though his solution backfires, Zack finds that his dream of home was closer than he thought.,

Available for licensing for both stock and amateur productions as well as professional theaters via the link below. Be sure to note the number of performances, location of your theater, number of seats, and average ticket price. If you are seeking a perusal script and demo tracks, indicate that in the message section.


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