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Narnia the Musical

by Jules Tasca, Thomas Tierney & Ted Drachman

NARNIA the Musical is a dramatization of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the first and most famous of acclaimed British author C.S. Lewis’s world-renowned series, The Chronicles of Narnia. This critically acclaimed musical takes us into a magical land where four children become players in a battle of Good and Evil. For more information about NARNIA, click “learn more” below to be directed to the show’s website.



an American Love Story

by Jonathan Bolt, Thomas Tierney, & John Forster

ELEANOR tells the story of Eleanor’s journey from a shy, young aristocrat to her emergence as a powerful catalyst for social change. It tells of the passionate courtship and bittersweet marriage to Franklin, and ultimately, of the surprising partnership that so dramatically changed the face of America as well as the entire world. For more about ELEANOR, click “learn more” below to be directed to R & H Organization. For Original Cast Recording, visit CD Baby.

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Diamond and the North Wind

by Jeffrey Haddow & Thomas Tierney

A new musical based on the George MacDonald book, At the Back of the North Wind. A heartwarming story of how a young Diamond, and his newfound beautiful and ethereal friend, The North Wind, take on the powerful and predatory real estate tycoon Tobias Blunt to save the horse drawn cabs of New York. For more information, click “learn more” below to be directed to the show’s website.

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Jungle Queen Debutante

An Adventure Musical

by Thomas Tierney & Sean O’Donnell

Jungle Queen Debutante tells of an ingenue following her heart, with an archaeologist who can't quite remember who he is, an elocution mistress with a secret, and a suave ambassador. Add a lovelorn jungle chanteuse, a mobster with nefarious plans and the wickedest woman in the Lost City for this cocktail of an adventure musical. For more information, click “learn more” for information on the show and a contact form to license this rollicking musical.


Zack Hill

And the Rocket Blaster Man Adventure

by Werner Trieschmann & Thomas Tierney

Based on the nationally syndicated comic strip by John Deering and John Newcombe of the same name, Zack Hill is about Zack, a 9 year old boy with a big shock of red hair who years for a normal home. Zack’s single mom Jan runs a boarding house full of an assortment of eccentric characters that interfere with Zack’s dream of normality. When Jan is confronted with a financial disaster that may force them to give up the house, Zack is determined to turn things around. Even though his solution backfires, Zack finds that his dream of home was closer than he thought.


The Year of Living Dangerously

by Jeffrey Haddow & Thomas Tierney

Jakarta, Indonesia, 1965: a nation on the verge of violent revolution. Against this turbulent backdrop, three vivid characters engage in a strange and consequential love triangle: Guy Hamilton, Jill Bryant, and Billy Kwan. As the political tension builds to a boil we are led to an explosive ending rife with tragedy, danger and romance. For more information, click “learn more” below to be directed to the show’s website.

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Conceived by Helen Butleroff

Select songs by Thomas Tierney

This critically acclaimed musical review consists of 22 musical scenes dealing with the very special relationship between people and their pets. It's a two act, 5 actor show (flexible, may be expanded) that is clever, user-friendly and suits audiences of all ages. Cats, dogs, mice, turtles, iguanas, parakeets and other species are having the times of their lives. For more information, click “learn more” to be directed to Dramatic Publishing for information on licensing.