Press reviews from some of my shows…

NARNIA the Musical

“NARNIA, a deft musical adaptation… the score by Thomas Tierney and Ted Drachman captures the spirit of the book with great cleverness and charm. Tierney’s music is quite artful and moving.” — The New York Daily News

“From it’s opening moment, one is irresistibly drawn into NARNIA -The Musical. The songs… have the slightly elevated chamber music feel of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s quieter music for the stage… an enchanted atmosphere that harmonizes the Broadway world of Cats with the more refined literary tradition of C.S. Lewis.” — The New York Times

ELEANOR — An American Love Story

"Admirably reflects an extraordinary life… a smart tribute to Eleanor Roosevelt. A case study of the intelligently crafted musical that's widely regarded as an endangered species. The piece - with handsome music, effective lyrics and an ambitious book - depicts its famous characters, their inner lives and public faces, with integrity and skill.” — Steven Winn, San Francisco Chronicle

“A genuinely appealing American musical... ELEANOR has one of the most well-proportioned scores to come out of America for several years. From its opening bars, there is a confidence about ELEANOR that makes you sit up and take notice. And the promise is delivered. It is all warm-hearted without being over sentimental. And it's intelligent. Thomas Tierney and John Forster's score is full of richness, inventive and tuneful...When, in the final moments, Eleanor finally blossoms into a complete woman, you will want to stand up and cheer. Very highly recommended." — Adrian Wright of (Great Britain)


Jungle Queen Debutante “is just swell. A world premiere that takes a machete to the technicolor conventions of the 1950’s and leaves a trail of laughter in its path. Composer and lyricist Thomas Tierney… has crammed enough clichés to choke a python into the two acts.” — The Seattle Times

“A first class show… a hilarious and delightful salute to the musicals of the 50’s. Tierney’s music in particular captures the easy, swinging jazzy sound of the era. It is one of those rare musicals in which neither the songs nor the story are an excuse for the other. The music and script work together, both to entertain and advance the plot. Swing in and see it.” — Valley Daily News

“The Village Theatre has scored another hit… the vibrant music and lyrics were written by Thomas Tierney. The inventive and whimsical book is by fellow New Yorker Sean O’Donnell. Almost everything is spoofed to the nines in the 50's style musical.” — Seattle Journal American